How One Leader Inspired Action

A role of a leader is to inspire, motivate and deliver. But when the new CEO of Alcoa, Paul O'Neill, gave his maiden speech to shareholders in 1987 they were in a panic. They sold their Alcoa stock as fast as they could, yet one year later, Alcoa's profits hit a record high.   I... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Standing Out

Why do we fear the art of standing out, taking the unbeaten path - the path that we sometimes know is the best one for us? The fear of standing out - Anthropophobia How to Talk to Anyone: Overcome Shyness, Social Anxiety and low self-confidence by Dr. Jennifer Alison, is a fantastic read. The people who... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Mentor In 2018

Progression is also about reflection, something we all seem to be at least self aware of, however how brilliant we all think we are is for a different time altogether. Sometimes when you get so wrapped up in the day to day minutiae of 'stuff' you might not be as eager to reflect on goals, development or progression. Knock knock, this is your Mentor calling...

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