Why Lynda Will make you more Employable

Lynda, you know Lynda, Lynda Lynda. What I am talking about is Lynda.com  Lynda.com is an online learning website, which enables the user to delve into its courses like web design, photography and CAD (just to name a few!) LinkedIn made a surprise purchase of the online learning website for a lovely $1.5 billion. But... Continue Reading →

The Midweek Rut

The midweek. The routine, the go to work, finish work, hobby time, sleep repeat. As you might be aware, i'm writing an article everyday this year, so far we are on day 25 and i'm actually quite enjoying it. To never fear a challenge, i also challenged myself to posting a picture everyday this year,... Continue Reading →

How One Leader Inspired Action

A role of a leader is to inspire, motivate and deliver. But when the new CEO of Alcoa, Paul O'Neill, gave his maiden speech to shareholders in 1987 they were in a panic. They sold their Alcoa stock as fast as they could, yet one year later, Alcoa's profits hit a record high.   I... Continue Reading →

50% added value if you can talk to people?

Warren Buffett the iconic investor, worth 73.9Billion (lolwhat) once stated to a group of students at Columbia University in 2009: Now you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills - public speaking. But why do some get crippling fear when talking in front of people? do you feel nervous? Palms... Continue Reading →

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