I’m interested not in what people do, but why we do it. 

My passion is in understanding, listening and motivating. I want to push people and their beliefs to truly understand why people do what they do. Everything I write will hopefully have a clear purpose to bettering YOU.

I want to help people understand themselves and deliver their passion, idea or thought. I’m a strong believer in comfort being a killer – Routine, Ruts and Procrastination, and a lot of what I do or write about will be in challenging myself. I want to use this blog as an online accountability forum, join in if you want it it too.

I will be diving into Leadership, Learning and life to write some interesting content for you to apply to your life. 

I’m Jordan a blogger from Suffolk and this blog will be what inspires me everyday.

Follow along, comment share and lets keep each other motivated to bettering ourselves every single day.