BisWeekly – Twitter Flying High, Thomas Cook Grounded and Top Man Top Trumps?

Twitter flying into the red tape 

Twitter shares drop 10% after the revenue forecast fell short of expectations, for the first quarter.

Increasing operating costs could rise by 20% as Social Media companies are increasingly being pressured to monitor their platforms more closely on the grounds of mental health, hate speech and complaining. Falling monthly users,  however not easy to measure due to the pesky bots that were cleaned up in 2018. Twitter HQ is trying to show that it’s confident going into 2019 as a good Social Media platform for investors.

Thomas Cook could be grounded

Strategic Reviews are wonderful things, especially when you look to potentially cut 103 jets that you own and lease. TC made 129m pre-tax in 2018 but reported a loss in the last three months, it does make sense to review the options.

The potential sale boosted the firm’s shares by 13% in early trading because cash allows a business to do ‘stuff’.  By allowing financial flexibility, it gives the option for TC Management to invest in its own-brand hotels. With TC debt at 1.59bn, it does not have the ability to make crucial and necessary improvements. Even the budget airline Ryanair posted a 17.2m loss in the last three months of 2018 potentially leading us to a very tricky year for airlines as the British Market will take a hit pre and Brexit.

Top Man Top Trumps?

This week we have seen the legal action against the Daily Telegraph formally ended by a High Court Judge. For those that don’t know this story, Sir Philip Green had launched legal action against the DT in the form of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) over alleged sexual and racial abuse and the bullying of five employees. It’s important to state that, Sir Philip denies the allegations that he behaved wrongly. The paper is pushing ahead with its reports and suggest that they have a video recording of Green threatening to bankrupt the Telegraph. OH and those 5 staff members have signed NDA’s stopping them from speaking out about the incidents.

what can we learn from this week?

  • Does Twitter spark a wider problem with Social Media as more and more government pressure to make platforms safer, especially for younger audiences comes into force? Clearly operating costs will increase, meaning the ROI will lessen.
  • Thomas Cook are clearly making a difficult change and rightly so ahead of Brexit where their core market will potentially plummet.
  • The Sir Philip Green case is an interesting one about NDA’s, clearly accused of Sexual and Racial abuse, why can anyone stand behind an NDA and use it to cover up this type of abuse in the workplace, I mean surely we need to look at the exhortation of his knighthood if the allegations are true?

what are you taking away from this week? 

Before you go

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