Why do we still read ‘Shoppers desert High Street’ news?

It’s quite ironic that i am condemning the very article I write. However it is always a staple of every bank holiday weekend, the short round up of stats regarding how many shoppers are hitting the high streets Vs last year.

‘Apparently’ (i’m sure we would love to see the one person with a clipboard counting aimless shoppers wandering into shops) the number of shoppers on UK high streets on Easter Sunday slumped by over 12% compared to 2017 figures (SpringBoard)

The Easter Weekend is billed as one of the most anticipated weekends for shoppers since Christmas, or sliced bread if you local Tesco’s is open because the big superstores are not but maybe Lidl is open, you know what forget it.

Now i don’t know about you, but it chucked it down all weekend and I for one would rather peruse that new invention the internet for my new clothes than get soaked looking at sale items that are two sizes too big.

Does it give us a nostalgic feeling reading these types of articles and headlines of failing high street chains? Does it mean that we feel involved in today’s technological advancements, or is it simply that journalists are out of touch with what ‘people’ actually want to read or care about.

From a business point of view, the internet is a wonderful thing, the big chains you will find on the highstreet that have had to readjust have had to move arena’s, their boxing gloves are now made out of amazon material in an Ebay boxing ring where the referee is Mr Google itself. But what that does mean for us (the consumer and we sure are..) is with an influx of competition, and lets not forget the internet is not a recent invention, prices will always have to be low to compete. So if these big brands go out of business, is that really news worthy?

I’ve never been a fan of the experience of shopping, so i’ll show my cards right there however, surely it is better to be able to order to your house and return if necessary items that don’t fit? Call me a early adopter but is the high street and its lack of numbers such a bad thing?

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