The Journey Of the LLL (Life Long Learner)

The LLL, I mean I just made it up, maybe it will make acronym of the year awards 2018. Yes I googled if there is a acronym of the year award.


As we start to see article after article about everyone’s self endeavors for personal development, we look to those that might be still keeping up their New Years Resolutions of reading each day. Those that might consider themselves the old guard of personal / self development can spot a fraud a mile off. Those that each day, mine away at the life long learner award, their own personal happiness of developing themselves to be the best possible version of themselves.
The LLL is an interesting beast, most assume quite introverted however incorrect this statement is, the LLL loves their own space and time to reflect, unwind and strategize their time well.

The LLL accidentally drops knowledge they learnt from a book into an everyday conversation with a friend, loved one or colleague. As they become more well read about their passions and interests. Normally to the sound of ‘how the hell did you know that?’

The LLL never seeks praise but instead gives themselves gratification for remembering something interesting from their well founded library

The LLL actually enjoys the journey and is not looking for the destination (spoiler, there isn’t one) they enjoy the joys and challenges of the day to question, understand and reflect on knowledge or interesting items to learn and help them become a better person.
The LLL is a journey everyone of us can embark on but only a select few actually travel, they are normally found in the personal development sections on the web and will probably be the one that is the most interesting at parties. Also warning note, the one most likely to get confused with ‘trying to show off’ because they bring the best stories to the table, who knows right?
Whats your LLL journey look like? Do any of these points resonate with you?

Before you go

Thanks for reading!

My Name is Jordan Bambridge, I’m currently working in a UK University, looking after the fun stuff you see; events, sports etc. I’m exceptionally passionate about understanding not what people do, but why they do it. I love psychology and understanding people and behaviours, everyone has a story and I want to help others share it. Everyone can reach their potential, we all get passionate about something, I want to help people do it.

You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram Jordan Bambridge

I’m on a self inflicted journey to write 365 articles this year, you can help me stay accountable by following and commenting along. You will find my posts on here so hit the follow button to keep up to date with how I get on!


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