Roughly 300 words a day, could you do it? 

I once read a Medium article that changed my perspective on entertainment. Stop consuming and start creating.

Its quite counter intuitive for me, I guess it reduces my audience but hey, stop consuming and start doing.


My year long challenge hit a point today. My objective is to write an article everyday for 365 days. Today is the 29th and it was the hardest day yet. My journey was always going to be prone to bumps in the road but today, for the first time, I was going to throw in the towel.

Writing 300 words a day I guess doesn’t sound like a lot, and maybe it isn’t to some people. But the editing, coming up with new ideas is what is difficult. I try to find stuff that i would find interesting, stuff about personal journeys, stuff to learn, topical tales, relevant to being a better you; because i think this is what my readers would find interesting.

I look at my stats as I near towards the end of the month, and I have picked up 1,500 views this month and I thank everyone of course for reading. It was actually that stat that put me on the path to writing today. We all have our off days but I met my mental fork in the road today, and i could have easily been lead down a different path. So i thank you, as you unintentionally helped me today, write about ‘stuff’ I find interesting.

I guess it leaves the question, could you write 300 words a day, everyday for a year? Why not try it for a week, a month and see how you get on. Its pretty liberating and you are accountable as i am for sure, but also the feeling you have of potentially holding one person’s attention for those 2,3,4 or five minutes has a good feeling to it. So there is my question to you, could you?

Before you go

Thanks for reading!

My name is Jordan Bambridge, I’m currently working in a UK University, looking after the fun stuff you see; events, sports etc. I’m exceptionally passionate about understanding not what people do, but why they do it. I love psychology and understanding people and behaviours, everyone has a story and I want to help others share it. Everyone can reach their potential, we all get passionate about something, I want to help people do it.

You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram Jordan Bambridge

I’m on a self inflicted journey to write 365 articles this year, you can help me stay accountable by following and commenting along. You will find my posts on here so hit the follow button to keep up to date with how I get on!


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