Why Lynda Will make you more Employable

Lynda, you know Lynda, Lynda Lynda. What I am talking about is Lynda.com 

Lynda.com is an online learning website, which enables the user to delve into its courses like web design, photography and CAD (just to name a few!)

LinkedIn made a surprise purchase of the online learning website for a lovely $1.5 billion. But why will it make a difference to you?


I’ve used Lynda.com and am amazed at how easy it is to navigate. you can jump straight into a course learning about all sorts. I learnt the basics of web coding in 30 minutes. </p> that was a very cheap joke.

I’ve posted many articles about the benefits to continuous self development for your own being but it will also make you more employable. I am seeing more references to ‘continuous self development’ on job descriptions and person specifications as essential for job recruitment. Lynda.com is one of many sites that can offer you a fantastic in depth look at developing certain skills and make you more creative as a result.

I would highly reccomend anyone to think about what skills they could learn in their down time or use it as continious personal development CPD at work.

Have you undertaken any online courses, did you think they were beneficial?

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Thanks for reading!

My Name is Jordan Bambridge a 23 year old ambitious manager. I currently work in a UK University. I get really passionate about understanding not what people do, but why they do it. I am also interested in psychology in business and helping others succeed and reach their potential. You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram @JordanBambridge or by clicking below.






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