Help Your Future Self, Delete Your Social Media Accounts Now

You might have caught my last article about ‘Can social media actually stop you getting a job?‘ or seen Phil Neville in the news. But when headlines read;

New England Women’s boss Phil Neville deletes Twitter account over ‘sexist’ tweets

Maybe we should all think about what we are putting online…


Phil Neville has just signed a three and a half year deal with the Football Association to coach the England Women’s Football team. 

I mean the caveat to all of this is…don’t have those views in the first place. But we need to be so careful with what we post online and our own digital presence.

It is such an interesting concept, and one that we will see in the future and i’m sure develop. We are all held to our digital statements as we would if we were talking face-to-face and I think people forget, the audience that is listening. It’s literally the whole wide world. The internet has created a vast, quick and easy network to find and filter information but users sometimes forget how easy it is to get caught out.

It has taken people out of jobs, it’s stopped people having jobs and now it might lead to someone losing a job before they even start.

The interesting question is, how far is too far back in someones history? Can that even be accepted as an excuse?  What’s your thoughts on this news story?

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Thanks for reading!

My Name is Jordan Bambridge, I’m currently working in a UK University, looking after the fun stuff you see; events, sports etc. I’m exceptionally passionate about understanding not what people do, but why they do it. I love psychology and understanding people and behaviours, everyone has a story and I want to help others share it. Everyone can reach their potential, we all get passionate about something, I want to help people do it.

You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram Jordan Bambridge


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