Why You Should Care About This Facebook Algorithm Change

Something that has been floating around the media for quite some time, is the involvement of so called ‘fake news’ or Facebook’s inability to control unregulated news sites on its platform.
It has been announced that Mark Zuckerberg will look to implement a change in algorithm to survey users on whether they think news sites are trustworthy.

It means that the likes of fake news that was spread during the President elections could be stopped. However it has raised some interesting points. The likes of Buzzfeed have surged in popularity from a Facebook site to an fully endorsed media company. Under these new rules, would they have grown so quickly and so effectively if they were hindered by an algorithm such as this?

It opens the question to whether Facebook and its employees should have more control over what is shown on users timelines although and rightly so, it was quickly disbanded following claims that they could be seen to regulate freedom of speech.

Local news will be one of the main winners of this change as Facebook will look to show you more information about what is happening locally in your area.

What are your thoughts on the change? Do you think it will actually make a difference, do you use any sites for information that could be deemed untrustworthy and potentially removed or closed down?

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