Amazon & Nissan’s Ability To Get Free PR

Imagine being able to have your name blasted on every news channel in the country, for free? And not for a bad reason either, Amazon has just hit the PR Jackpot, similar to Nissan with Brexit. What the hell am I talking about?


Social Media has gone crazy over the news of Amazon’s 2nd headquarters news. Everyone thinks they know where it will finally be located.

What do Amazon say?

Nothing, Zip, Zulch, nada.

Why do they not put the rumors to bed? Well it’s a good question, but imagine building so much exicitment at the prospoects the local econemy, job market and indursty as a goliath organisation such as Amazon would bring.

Atlanta and Austin were the clear favourites, somehow Dublin leaped into the lead, its all a guessing game that’s for sure.


Nissan first brought this to my attention when they were floating around the Brexit debate and every time you flicked on the news.


They literally made everyone wait with baited breath to see if they would build within the UK. They were going to announce in October of that year, that it would built its new generation Qashqai sports utility and new X-Trail model at its north of England facility.

but wait.

Nissan: Well we are not sure now

UK Government: Oh please, we will send you a letter offering reassurances

Nissan: Well, errr, maybe

This literally had everyone talking about the decison to build or not to build for weeks. they hijacked the news story, Brexit, and made it into a PR exercise for Nissan.


was it even intented, who knows, but the speculation has generated a lot of free publicity, at no cost to the company. The finer things in life are free, right?

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