The Actions Of One Employee Can Topple An Organisation

You might of caught the news today, where it has been reported that Armed Police in the UK 🇬🇧 have removed a British Airways (BA) Pilot just before take off over fears he was drunk.

Colleagues raised concerns after smelling alcohol within the cockpit and raised concerns to Police.

Now I wouldn’t want to be sat in the BA press team today because this has a serious case for blowing up. If the reports are true, UK parliament could take an interest into the conduct of all pilots before flight.

There are already calls to breathalyser test all pilots before flight.

As we will soon see BA’s name get dragged through the mud albeit responsible however due to the actions of one employee shows how easy a single member of staff caught by not fulfilling their role can harm the organisation they work for.

What’s your thoughts, should there be more rigorous tests for pilots before they fly?

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