What we can all learn from Obama’s Speechwriter

Jon Favreau was 28 when he started to help Barack Obama on his speeches. Hes role? Director of Speech writing.

After he joined Senator John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential campaign and soon after graduating from college. John Favreau was recommended by Communications aide Robert Gibbs to Obama as an excellent writer and soon became Obama’s chief speechwriter in 2006.


In no way trying to make this a political post but some of fundamental attributes a leader needs is, communication, to be motivating and to be empathetic. What we saw of Obama’s time in office highlighted these facts through his brilliant delivery of speeches.

Whats the Secret

Jon really homes in on authenticity as being central to a winning speech. Do not become something you are not and really focus on being yourself. He suggested that being yourself is the key to success because it allows a more personal connection, you feel comfortable and you do not have to overthink things. It also allows for a more personal connection to your audience when you speak from the heart, your passion and believe in a subject will shine through.

Across the pond in the UK; we might assume that this was a particular failure in the recent elections due to political leaders changing their stances or character based on popular opinion. Rather than being antithetical the voting public couldn’t relate to them and this meant that we saw quite a change in direction as a result.

Key take away

Focus on being yourself, focus on your own ability and your own strengths and speak from the heart. Be passionate and do not try to be someone you are not, because in the end, we all see through that.

Before you go

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