Can Social Media Actually Stop You Getting A Job?

In the UK, and the sector I work in, Higher Education, Toby Young has resigned before even starting because of tweets years before.

It begs the question that can Social Media actually stop you getting a job in the future?


luckily I don’t tweet “that” much and quickly scrolled through my own tweets to see what my delightful 16 year old self was finding amusing in the world. Other than some low level profanity it was all rather clean, however it begs the question whether you should be reviewing your own social media in 2018.

Reed is one of the UK’s biggest recruitment agencies who has suggested from a recent survey, 43% of recruiters check digital profiles often. Which shows that employers are looking at your social platforms (apart from government employers apparently) and its not against the law either.

Some surveys show the vast majority (upwards of 80%) look at potential candidate’s online digital footprint.

I think this is why the Privacy setting tool is so important to those beginning their careers, in some cases tweets, posts and the likes cannot actually be erased.

Clean up your profile (and act)

I think that if you are going for an interview or job, you need to make sure that if you google your name, you know what will appear and how that will look to your future boss. Will it turn them off straight away or will it increase or enhance your level of influence?

Key Take Away

The key take away is you have to be very careful about what you put out online, it can really tarnish your reputation, it takes years to build but seconds to destroy. Make sure that you go back and check your feeds, however boring that might be, because you never know, it could come back and haunt you in a few years.

Have you checked your social platforms?

Before you go

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My Name is Jordan Bambridge a 23 year old ambitious manager. I currently work in a UK University. I get really passionate about understanding not what people do, but why they do it. I am also interested in psychology in business and helping others succeed and reach their potential. You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram @JordanBambridge or by clicking below.



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