The Fear of Standing Out

Why do we fear the art of standing out, taking the unbeaten path – the path that we sometimes know is the best one for us?

The fear of standing out – Anthropophobia


How to Talk to Anyone: Overcome Shyness, Social Anxiety and low self-confidence by Dr. Jennifer Alison, is a fantastic read. The people who should read this book, those that struggle with conversation, suffer from social anxiety and or low confidence (obviously).

As cliche as it sounds the first chapter of this book had me hooked. Although a lighter read than most, Dr Alison completely puts the digital world in the spotlight.
It really explores the; hiding behind a screen mentality and the lack of real life action. Self reflection and an open minded are needed if you want to actually ‘use’ this book. Dr Alison deliberately or not brushes over the self reflection ‘where has this problem come from’ maybe for book number 2 who knows..

I think you should read this book if you coming at it from a professional, dating or low confidence angle. The top level helpful conversation tips are helpful and it really does makes you aware of the operations behind having a conversation, weird eh? Yeah you don’t think about them on a day to day but they are all there. Wait, you mean you have to actually listen to people in a conversation, yeah ground breaking..

The fear of standing out is pretty common among millennials, a weird full of ridicule, trolls and online hate and you could probably understand why. Putting yourself out there is a daunting experience for anyone however mentally strong. I think everyone has in some point encountered some form of hate, which has feared them from pressing the post button or at least thinking twice.

Key Take Away 

This book was a great read and i really enjoyed the section on conversation tactics, but ultimately the key take away is that of, its okay to be shy or have social anxiety, but in today’s world its what you do about it that will make you stand out.

The fear of standing out – Anthropophobia, now you can impress your new friends with a shiny new word.

You can find the book here

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