Don’t Think Just Do It (uncensored)

I think the biggest thing that is stopping you from achieving what you want to do is;

you are too scared.

I’m going to tell you why. This blog will be uncensored, you have been warned.



The reason you are not achieving or the reason you are not doing is because you’re too scared to start.

You care too much about what people think.

Putting yourself out there is tough, scary and pretty ballsy. But you know what, get into the mindset of not giving a fuck. So what if you vlog and you fuck up a sentence, jack shit that’s what. So what if people write or talk behind your back because you are doing something you are passionate about. Jealousy is a beautiful bitch and that is literally what they are, apart from the beautiful bit – to be honest that sounded better in my head.

When you hear the word jealousy you would normally detach from the meaning but shit i’m serious. Those ‘haters’ are jealous – they are jealous because YOU ARE DOING. So don’t give a crap about what people say. Don’t even give it the time of day, you do you – i’ll support you 100%.

Making excuses of external factors

What? You can’t do something because of someone or something else. You know how fucking ridiculous that sounds? Nobody gives a shit if you succeed or not. The majority of People care about themselves, get over that right now. But don’t you dare tell me that you can’t do something because of something or someone else. I see through that shit and i’ll let you in on a little secret – so does everyone else.


Nobody cares about you moaning – fact. I’m not writing anymore because you already fucking know what i’m going to say.

Just fucking do it. Do you and do you hard.

Before you go

Thanks for reading!

My Name is Jordan Bambridge a 23 year old ambitious manager. I currently work in a UK University. I get really passionate about understanding not what people do, but why they do it. I am also interested in psychology in business and helping others succeed and reach their potential. You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram @JordanBambridge or by clicking below.



I’m on a self inflicted journey to write 365 articles this year, you can help me stay accountable by following and commenting along. You will find my posts on here so hit the follow button to keep up to date with how I get on! 

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