Why Logan Paul Won’t Be Punished

Logan Paul, the man who has 15 million subscribers on YouTube and an Army of fans, posted a horrific video visiting the ‘haunted’ forest at the base of Mount Fuki, Aokigahara forest. Where his group discovered a dead body and decided it was the right idea to use it as his click-bait and post this video online.


Online comments have called the video and Logan himself, disrespectful and disgusting. I think that what Logan has done is a very poor judge of taste and utterly baffling to how he thought that would be a good idea and although i didn’t watch the video, you can imagine how Logan tried to make something completely sickening lighthearted.

But, Logan won’t be punished by this. Logan’s brand is very strong, his army style following actually liked the video (600,000) times. The core fan base will follow the pied piper to the moon and back.

His constant referrals to ‘joining the Logang’ and building a very strong community base. means that he has a very large safety net to fall back on. Not only this, but his constant plugging of his merchandise is only cementing this behavior within his fan base.

Look at it from this side, a company such as Apple has a very strong brand. This means people will speak more positively about Apple and it’s products. Even with the dip they saw recently in the slowing down the battery news story, they still have a strong brand. It would take something utterly horrifying for Apple to be toppled. I’m not trying to compare this but try to use another example in a different light.

Similar to this Logan possesses something that will start to become the norm over the next few years, he has the attention and addiction of millions of young people in the world. With easy access to his content he will only grow and this will be seen as a stumbling and ‘silly mistake’ on that journey. The people that are so called ‘judging’ him, do so from a place that is not his target audience, however bad the video and taste is, his brand will bounce back and remain as strong as it was irrespective of the thoughts of social media.

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