Why Succesful people Run (or long cardio events)

Ever Wondered why all these successful people run, exercise or do some form of hellish challenge everyday?

Because they are bettering themselves.

You can stop reading now if you want. Or you can stick around and find out some more details I’ll leave that up to you.

Thought so, so the reason successful people do this form of exercise, long endurance events is because;

It’s a challenge

Have you tried running? Yeah it’s bloody hard work. Your body doesn’t enjoy it until you hit the Wall (figurative wall not literal, although probably the same effect. Successful people like to challenge themselves, and they will challenge themselves. If you read my blog here about Tools of Titans the golden nugget book of successful people you will understand why. I think that the reason so many successful people do is because they break it down…

…Into goals

Goal setting is vitally important to anything, everyone knows this but yet we don’t do it. That’s why long endurance events are good because you set the goal and you try and bet it – i.e bettering yourself (seeing the trend yet?) if you beat your goal you have a sense of accomplishment that you otherwise wouldn’t have achieved, and you know what – that feels bloody good. Hence why people get ‘runners high’ because the challenge of these events smash your dopamine and sky rocket it to f*ck yeah I feel good level, whatever the medical level for that is…

I’m sure many of you have googled various sentences such as ‘what do successful people do’ and you will be hit be a barrage of articles talking about successful peoples morning habits, eating habits, toilet hab.. you get the picture. I think we can sum up all these articles by saying that successful people love to challenge themselves. I cover that in my blog here.





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