How to Start a Following

This video was shown to me a couple of years ago, and I’ll tell you now, it changed my whole way of thinking about leadership and movements – and I’ll tell ya why.

Whether you interpret the title as a following on social media, life or your dog following you around the room, starting a movement is one of the most important aspects to becoming noticed digitally / in real life (is IRL a thing still?)

A movement as shown quite figuratively by Mr Dancing Man, shows that you need to be a risk taker, or drunk. I’m not promoting the second one, but the first is pretty accurate. If you follow my blogs you will know that I PREACH I tell ya PREACH about success, business and those that are considered successful in the eyes of peeps like you.

Taking risks gets you noticed, you stand out. In a busy word, its what is needed. Being unique or being YOU as nobody else can be you, unless you have seen Ayra Stark in Game of Thrones, she can be you. You need to be taking those risks and you know what, it’s scary – I get that. But as you will see in this blog, successful people take risks and they challenge themselves every single day.

The second is the nuture of that first ‘follower’ bloody give them the time of day, they are the early adopters, the risk takers just like you. Embrace them and encourage them as they are your biggest (and only) fan.

The next bit is what I call the ‘lucky bit’ because everyone see’s this bit of the journey of those successful people when they ‘blow up.’ Everyone refers to them as ‘lucky’

Yeah they are great and stuff but X helped them or they did Y when nobody else did.


So that asks the question, why are you not?

I’ll let that one sink in while you are probably reading this through your phone screen on your lunch break, still in bed, or travelling somewhere. Be the creator not the absorber.

Always happy to chat about it – drop me a comment or a tweet and lets get talking.

Before you go

Thanks for reading!

My Name is Jordan Bambridge a 23 year old ambitious manager. I currently work in a UK University. I get really passionate about understanding not what people do, but why they do it. I am also interested in psychology in business and helping others succeed and reach their potential. You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram @JordanBambridge or by clicking below.



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