Powerful or powerless? 

Is Theresa May still clinging to power? Is her ability to lead being undermined by a conservative party without any fit leader willing to take the Labour Party on?

Effective leadership in the eyes of Jocko Willink, is extreme ownership. Upon reading his book ‘extreme ownership’ (obviously) his take on taking responsibility for ones actions, as the leader, paramount. He describes the two types of leadership, effective and ineffective. His understanding of the leadership principles when the metaphorical shit hits the fan, rests solely with the leader at the top.

Thersea mays unability to show remose, sorrow or acceptance of her actions shows her ability as a powerful leader in the literal sense, but powerless within the bounds of influence. Power can only be defined by those who follow and with approval ratings plummeting, its no surprise that her power has diminished considerably.

Her robotical and old style approach to engage with the electorate has seemingly backfired. A battle of sound bites was not going to win over the general public, her lack of empathy was boarderline offensive but overall it clearly shows that these character traits do not come naturally to her.

With a communications team dedicated to spinning the prime minsters appearances and speeches, it might be too late to recover from such a poor display of humility. The only advantage Theresa May does have – who would dare take this poison chalice on, to combat the surge from Corbyns Labour Party.

Have a read of Extreme Ownership here

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